Shannon Gonter, LPCC

I am originally from Florida and am a Louisville transplant, but am glad to now call Kentucky my home. I moved to Louisville to continue my education after graduating from Florida State University, and I completed my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling at the University of Louisville in 2016. I am now a licensed professional counselor in the state of Kentucky.

To further my education after graduate school, I enrolled in a yearlong certificate program in advanced psychotherapy through Bellarmine University Wayne Institute in which I deepened my knowledge in understanding the psyche and how one becomes their most authentic self.

In my personal time, I enjoy being active (yoga, walking, hiking, skiing, kayaking…), spending time with my family and friends, binge watching the latest shows, and trying all the wonderful restaurants Louisville has to offer. I thoroughly love laughing, in all capacities, and often incorporate humor into the therapy hour.



I am trained to help you become more aware of your emotional responses to these challenges and help you recognize problematic relational patterns and new ways to cope. This awareness will create new opportunities for learning more adaptive ways of relating to others and coping with life’s stressors.



You may be battling with the harsh societal expectations of manhood and masculinity. If so, you could be experiencing difficulty within your interpersonal relationships or in reaching your goals. That doesn’t have to be the end of your story—you can develop new skills in counseling with me.


Young adults

After your great achievements of receiving an education and starting your career, what’s next? Maybe you are struggling to find “your path”. The structure that once guided you to where you are today is no longer there, and all that lies in front of you seems like a lonely path. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.